Thursday, February 24, 2011


Fucking badass. Probably one of my favorite stores. It's Swedish, which is why they've only got stores in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Germany. Which is obviously how I know about it, since I used to live in Denmark. I seriously want to own everything they make, everything is ahmayziing. I'm wearing the most amazing lacetop from Monki right now, it has gotten me so many compliments. Just look at the cute faces on the socks and even the tags on the back of the shirts are bitchin'.


  1. Hulloh, if you didn't already know, My Chemical Romance recently won the UK 2011 NME Awards.


  2. Yeh, I heard. (: Best International Act! I love them. <3

  3. Monki....Amaazzinnngg!!! I was drooling over their website yesterdayyy ;)