Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The devil's got your number tonight

(knit - Monki, belt - izzue, tanktop - H&M, shorts - H&M)

It saddens me that it is currently too cold in Beijing to wear clothes like this. I can't wait to go visit Denmark for christmas, I've been saving up my money for what seems like forever. I'll go visit the biggest H&M in Copenhagen on Strøget first, then Gina Tricot, Topshop, Monki, Urban Outfitters, you name it. You can get H&M in China, but it's really boring and they never have anything new.
I'm so excited for Chinese New Year, because I always get 1000+ RMB then. (: Then I can go shopping in Beijing, joy!


  1. You should so be a model ^_^
    It's really cold here in England too, and it gets dark at like 4pm. It's so depressing =____=