Monday, November 15, 2010

Welcome to China.

Hey kids. I thought I'd blog a little about what Chinese markets in Beijing (where I live) are like. Today I went to two markets, first was Tianyi, home of the most tacky pink Chinese things you've ever seen. It comes with a fake bag heaven and lots of random Christmas decorations, but I prefer to stick to the jewelry part of Tianyi.

But Tianyi also has really great Tibetan shops, pretty jewelry boxes and other good stuff that I forgot to take pictures of

Then I had dumplings for lunch - Asian chopstick skills. And then I went to Su Market.
 Su market has lots of fake clothes, bags, shoes, etc. And lots of people. Lots and lots of people. It's not a place for foreigners to shop. In Beijing there are markets where the people there speak English and completely milk these people and get them to buy shit stuff for too much money. But you can't really go to Tianyi or Su Market without speaking a bit of Chinese. It's mostly a place for small shop owners to stock up on the things they sell, so everything is at a reasonable price. I actually quite like it, even though there are lots of pushing people and I had to be very discreet with my camera, so no one would steal it.

So, today I bought a little tail thing, a few rings, earrings, a Tibetan pendant, a necklace with a little watch, Christmas tights and a parka. Satisfied. (: Now I'm going to go write my wishlist for Christmas.


  1. you got some really nice stuff! loving your rings! so many pretty ones to choose from!

    feel free to stop by sometime!

    xx T

  2. I would love to visit China. It looks so amazing, you're really privileged to live there. :3