Saturday, December 4, 2010

I must be fine, because my heart's still beating.

Minnie and I went to The Village to hang out and rape Mango today. I don't know why, Mango's just our favorite victim. They keep telling us not to take pictures, and we just act like bitches and pretend we don't speak Chinese.. Then we try on a fuckload of clothes and leave, because everything is ridiculously expensive. That's why we always pick really random clothes, like those glittery gold pants that were a size 40. Way too big.
The last two photos look like they were taken at a bar, but we were just at a normal restaurant. The combination of my camera's flash and the restaurant's lighting just made it.. Interesting.
Recent obsessions: The White Stripes, gum that conveniently fits in a backpocket, turquoise necklace.

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