Friday, December 17, 2010


Much needed.  It's finally christmas holiday, and thank Gerard, because I could really use a break from my life right now and escape to Denmark.
Watched When You're Strange today, a documentary about the doors narrated by Johnny Depp. It was amazing, I recommend watching it if you're a fan of The Doors or Johnny Depp's lovely voice. Or both, like moi.

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  1. Used to follow you on piczo, even I myself hardly ever was on piczo anymore, but I always had to go on piczo to read your blog, because you write so damn good and your music taste is awesome =D
    Love the way you used to put titles and parts from songs on your blog, like thanks to you I started listening to Dune. And MCR are like my heroes xD
    Hope you'll keep blogging, because you're awesome :)