Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Waiting for January.

Hi kidings. Sorry for the lame quality picture, my camera charger doesn't work in Danish plugs. I have to visit my grandparents, so they can find a converter thing. And I need to do it soon, going crazy without my little pink picture wonder.
I've got so many shopping dates lined up these next weeks, couldn't be more excited! I've been saving up my money for ages for this. Tomorrow my friend and I might look at thrift stores, then I'm going to England on the 27th-30th - more shopping there with my best friend in the entire world! <3 Then I'm going on January sale on the 2nd with my cousin and her friends, yess. The post-christmas sale in Denmark is always amazing. I can't wait to go to Monki and get that lace top I've been drooling over. And I will look for my first simple black pencil skirt and new shoes. Having size 40 in shoes (yes, I know. It comes with being tall. :s) is sometimes a good thing, because there are always lots of those left during sales.

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