Saturday, March 12, 2011

I treasure my ability to put up my hair using only a pencil.

I am very proud of this ability, it has benefited me so many times. (:
Sorry for the very inactive blogging lately. Things have been very hectic at the moment, but I will start posting about Beijing and such later today.
I've a long day of homework in front of me, and I'm doing my last bit of procrastination before I go shower and start my math investigation. I'm hopefully getting my a helix ear piercing very very soon on the ear in the picture, I've been wanting it for so long now.
I had a bit of a crazy night this Friday, and I'd love to show you pictures but the flash on my camera hates me with every fiber of its being. My friend took me to a lomography store yesterday, and I plan to purchase a lomography camera, look forward to it! I might go to a concert with The Whitest Boy Alive on tuesday, but my friend has bailed on me, and he is not going. ): We'll see.

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